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The 2010 NBA Playoffs


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Western Conference Match ups

Round 1

(1) Lakers vs (8) Clippers

Ah yes the Los Angeles Lakers one of the most beloved franchises in the NBA. They are the pride and joy of the bay are an and will be for many years to com- wait? there's another team in Los Angeles? Yes there is as a matter of fact and there the Clippers and behind the #1 overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft they will clinch there 1st playoff berth in 5 years. But that's all they will do as they get swept right out of LA by Kobe and company.

Prediction: Lakers in 5

(2)Spurs vs (7) Mavericks

Last year the Mavs beat down the #3 Spurs (may I add that they were short 1 Manu Ginnobli) in the 1st round. However the Spurs have re-vamped during the off season and are looking better then ever. Timmy Duncan's knees are wearing out fast but not fast enough to lose to the 7th seed Mavs.

Prediction: Spurs in 6


(3) Nuggets vs (6) Hornets

Stars collide in this epic battle for the future of the NBA. Paul vs Mello a classic showdown. Last year the Hornets got ousted in the 1st round and the Nuggets made it all the way to the West Finals before losing to the eventual champion Lakers. This will be a good 7 game series.

Prediction: Nuggets in 7

(4) Jazz vs (5) Trail Blazers

Both these teams are coming off 1st round losses last year. Deron Williams is looking like he could be the next great Point Guard in the NBA and the future of the Trail Blazers is diffidently bright. Both these teams have the ability to be feared contenders in the West. But not this year. Brandon Roy and the Blazers upset the Jazz and send them home packing in the 1st round for the 2nd straight year

Prediction: Trail Blazers in 7

Conference Semi-Finals

(1) Lakers vs (5) Trail Blazers

This would be a very interesting series. The up and comers vs the defending champs. The future of the NBA vs the present. Last year the Trail Blazers learned what it was like to be a contender in the Western Conference but they will have to learn a little more. Lakers win with ease

Prediction: Lakers in 5

(2) Spurs vs (3) Nuggets

In the 2 seasons prior seasons to this one these teams faced and lost to the Lakers in the West Finals. Both these teams are hungry to get some revenge. Denver is good, but not to used to the post-season pressure. The Spurs know what it's like to play in a big series and most of the time they show up. This time will be no exception. Spurs advance after a hard fought series.

Prediction: Spurs in 7

Western Conference Finals

What teams come to mind when you say "NBA Final" well unless you are completely new to NBA teams you may think of are the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs. 9 of the past 10 West Finals have featured 1 of these 2 teams (both in 2000 and 2007) and they hold the lead for Championships this decade with 3 apiece. They have faced each other 7 times in the playoffs this decade and are both used to post-season success. This year however will be the Spurs year as they advance to their 4h NBA final this decade.

Prediction: Spurs in 7

NBA Finals

(1East)Boston Celtics vs.(2West)San Antonio Spurs

Two teams that are used to sucess in the finals are the San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics. The Celtics lead the NBA in Championships with 17 and the Spurs have had the most this Decade with 4. This will be a classic duel between 2 very successful and veteran teams. The Celtics will have home-field advantage. And i think that will be enough to win them the series, the Spurs will give them a tough fight though and this will be a well remembered series. -->

Eastern Conference Match ups

Round 1

(1) Celtics vs (8) 76'ers

The Celtics have re-vamped during the off season and will clinch the #1 seed and go into the playoffs strong. The 76'ers have fallen since the days of Iverson and will limp into the playoffs under .500. The Celtics will give them a wake-up call and sweep them right out of Philadelphia.

Prediction: Celtics in 4


(2) Cavilers vs (7) Raptors

After a rough year last season the Raptors are back into the playoffs. Bad News they gotta face Lebron and the extra-hungry Cavliers. Chris Bosh is arguably one of the best Fore wards in the NBA but lacks a supporting cast talented enough to pull off the upset. Cavs win easy over the rebounding Raptors.

Prediction: Cavilers in 5

(3) Magic vs (6) Heat

A series featuring 2 future hall-of-famers, and it's a battle for Florida. People has always argued, who is Florida's premier NBA team, the Heat or Magic. Well they will all soon find out. Both Dwight Howard and Dwayne Wade had stellar years last season. Both being all-star starters, all nba 1st team and olympic gold medallists. The only difference is post season success. Dwight Howard and the Magic upset the #1 ranked Cavilers to advance to the Finals while D-wade and his Heat lost in the 1st round. This year will be no different Magic in a tough one.

Prediction: Magic in 6

(4) Bulls vs (5) Hawks

These 2 teams are not considered "power houses" in the NBA, no one even consider's them contenders. But one thing people can say about them is that they're scrappy. The young Bulls got a taste of what it is like to defeat a East Power like the Celtics last season and this year they want it even more. Bulls win with a limited fight from the Hawks.

Prediction: Bulls in 6


Conference Semi-Finals

(1) Celtics vs (4) Bulls

These teams know what it's like to face each other in the playoff's. Last season the Bulls took the Defending Champs to the limit in a series that featured an NBA record 7 overtime games. This year's version will be just as (if not even more) dramatic. Of all the match-ups this post-season this is by far the hardest one to pick but alas i have to and i have to go with the winner from last year, the Celtics.

Prediction: Celtics in 7.5

(2) Cavilers vs (3) Magic

Last year Dwight Howard and his Magic tore up the Cavs in the East finals. Lebron walked off with out even congratulating his gold-medal teammate. Lebron is desperate, not only for his NBA title, but for revenge. There is only one tiny difference between this year and last year, and that is 7-foot 250 lb. 4 time NBA champion and 3 time Finals MVP. Never heard of him? Well he goes by Shaquille O'Neal and he brings this Cavilers team just what they need to defend Dwight Howard. That alone gives the Cavs the upper hand.

Prediction: Cavilers in 7

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Celtics vs (2) Cavilers

The 2 powerhouses in the east collide. The Celtics vs The Cavilers in a showdown of two titans. LAst year both these teams fell to the Magic in the East playoffs. In 2008 the faced-off in a 7 game series which both of these teams remember vividly. Lebron is hungry for his 1st title. The Celtics want to continue their reign of terror in the east. Who wins this gigantic series? Personally i think it could go either way but as of right now i am going with the Celtics.



Prediction: Celtics in 7

2010 NBA Champion

The Boston Celtics






2010 NBA Playoff Bracket Prediction
1. Celtics 4
1. Lakers 4
1. Celtics 4
1. Lakers 4
8. 76'ers 0
8. Clippers 1
1. Celtics 4
1. Lakers 3
4. Bulls 4
4. Jazz 3
5. Bulls 3
4. Trail Blazers 2
5. Hawks 2
5. Trail Blazers 4
1. Celtics 4
2. Spurs 2
2. Cavliers 4
2. Spurs 4
2. Cavliers 4
2. Spurs 4
7. Raptors 2
7. Dallas2
2. Cavliers 2
2.Spurs 4
3. Magic 4
3. Nuggets 4
3. Magic 3
Nuggets 3
6. Miami 3
6. Hornets 3
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