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Aaron Shelton Stand-Up Comedy Inc. Website

Who are we?

Aaron Shelton Stand-Up Comedy Inc (A.S.S.U.C.) is a company founded in 2007 dedicated to the semi-professional stand up comedian Aaron Shelton. Aaron's career is just starting and he is projected to be the next Katt Williams by experts.

What do we do?

As stated above we are a company that supports and advertises the stand-up comic Aaron Shelton. It is our duty to follow him until he becomes famous and advertise him in the process.

Ok I'm in, but what do I do?

It's Simple!!! All you need to do is browse through this site, decide if you like Aaron and want to become a fan of him. Then you can join many sites dedicated to him.....and BOOM! Your in!

How Big is A.S.S.U.C.?

Currently Aaron Shelton Stand-Up Comedy Inc. Has 3 web sites, 2 Facebook pages (with a third one in the making), a twitter page, and a myspace page. Right now A.S.S.U.C. Has over 100 fans and we are always looking to expand.

So guys enjoy the site and be sure to become a member of Aaron Shelton

Stand-Up Comedy Inc.!!!!!!!!

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