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History of the Flower

The "love-in-idleness" flower was created thousands of years ago when cupid (the famous fairy that made people fall in love by shooting them with his magic arrows) accidentally shot his arrow into a field of flowers. Then the flowers (with cupid's magic) could make anyone who made contact with them fall in love.


Using the Flower

Using the flower's magical powers are so simple. To use simply rub a bit of the flower on a person who is sleeping eye's then when they awake they will fall in love with the first person or thing that they see (preferably you or something that you have planted).

Warning, Effects, and Cures

While the effects of the flower are great some bad side effects are; threatening to kill yourself if you can't be with the person you love, threatening to kill someone else if you can't be with the person you love, loving a person with the head of a donkey, plus confusion, drowsiness, amnesia, and you may sleep in the woods. If you don't want the person to be under the effects of the flower anymore just use the antidote to fix the effects instantly!!




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