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Oberon, King of the fairies said:

"I love using the love-of-idleness flower! I used it on my wife Titania and it worked like a charm! I just rubbed a little on her eyes while she was asleep and when she woke up she fell in love with a bumbling actor with a donkey head!!! Then I got her indian boy no problem! To fix her all I had to do was rub her with the antidote."


Puck, Oberon's assistant said:

"When oberon told me to come find the flower of idleness i had no clue what to do! But then i just came to this site and found it no problem!!! Then i used it alot of times and it worked like a charm everyone!! It was incredible and fixing the spells with the antidote was a breeze!'


Bottom, a famous actor said:

"I remember when Titania came to me and said she loved me and had her fairies do many chores for me and i i didn't know what to think but all i knew was that it was pretty awesome!! Then when i realized that it was because of the flower i thought it was incredible that the flower worked to such perfection!!!"

Helena said:

When Demetrius didn't love me i didn't know what to do! I was so depressed that he didn't love me the way that i did. But ever since he has been on the love-of-idleness flower he has been amazing!!! I mean he says he loves me everyday and he doesn't even look at Hermia anymore, thanks flower!!!!"

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