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Can Shaq help the King win his crown?
Lebron and Shaq


Final Standings

1.Boston Celtics-64-18

2.Cleveland Cavliers-62-20

3.Orlando Magic- 60-22

4.Chicago Bulls-46-36

5.Atlanta Hawks-44-38

6.Miami Heat-43-39

7.Tronto Raptors-41-41

8.Philadelphia 76'ers-39-43


9.Washington Wizards-37-45

10. Detroit Pistons 36-46

11. Charlotte Bobcats 34-48

12. New York Knicks 32-50

13. Milwaukee Bucks 30-52

14. Indiana Pacers24-59

15. New Jersey Nets 21-61



So overall, the Celtics win the east. The Cavilers make it all the way to the East Finals again but fall short to the Celtics. The Shaq experiment fails and Lebron is left watching watching as other teams battle for the crown for the 3rd straight year. The Magic, Bulls, Heat, Hawks, and 76'ers make the playoffs again and the Raptors also get a ticket to the post-season. The Pistons fall not only out of the Championship picture but the playoff picture altogether and their playoff streak comes to an end at 8 seasons.


Final Prediction

Champion:Boston Celtics

Runner-Up: Cleveland Cavilers

Central Winner: Cleveland Cavilers

Atlantic Winner: Boston Celtics

South East winner: Orlando Magic

Make Playoffs:Bulls,Heat,Raptors,Hawks,76'ers

Miss Playoffs: Pistons, Bobcats, Bucks, Knicks, Pacers, Wizards.

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