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The North West Division

Nuggets, Jazz, and Blazers, tough but Thunder and Wolves have promise

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1. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets had a very promising year last season. They were the 2nd best team in the West and made it all the way to the West Finals and losing to the eventual Champion Lakers in 7 games. This year looks just as promising with Star players like Carmello Anthony and Chauncey Billups, and veterans like NeNe and Chris Anderson, also young stars like Ty Lawson will carry this team and solidify them as Title Contenders.


2. Utah Jazz

The Jazz are for sure a very scrappy team. And behind young Guard Deron Williams they will tough again this year. The fans in Utah are waiting for this team to do something big, and I foresee that they will in the near future. If this team can stay healthy and keep their stars like Deron Williams and Carlos boozer they will be a contender in the West for years to come.


3. Portland Trail Blazers

Last year the Blazers were the talk of the Playoffs clinching their first berth since the 90's. Behind young talents like Greg Oden and Brandon Roy this team will be just as tough if not tougher this year. But to compete with West powers like the Lakers and Spurs they will diffidently need to get more experienced, and if they have that they can be a very strong team not only this season, but for a long long time.



4. Oklahoma City Thunder

You may not know it by looking at them, but the Thunder have a very bright future ahead of them. Kevin Durant is looking like a future Michael Jordan. I think that if the Thunder can get a little better and more experienced back court to compliment Kevin Durant then there is no reason that they can't make the playoffs.


5. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timber wolves are diffidently a franchise in the rebuilding phase. Ricky Rubio may not see the court this season, But the Timberwolves are ok with that. They are looking to the future and if they can get a good draft pick they can for sure go back to the premise that they had a couple of years ago with Kevin Garnett leading them.

Final Standings

1. (Y) Denver Nuggets-55-27

2. (X) Utah Jazz-53-29

3. (X) Portland Trail Blazers-48-34

4. (M)O.C. Thunder-38-44

5. (M) Minnesota Timberwolves-35-48

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