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South Eastern Division

Magic Out front,but hopes are high for Heat and Hawks

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1. Orlando Magic

Last year the Magic made the jump from playoff team to title contender. Dwight Howard is one of the most elite teams in the NBA. Plus this year they have the Eastern Conference title to defend. They look tough, and will diffidently go deep into the playoffs and win this division outright. They won't win it easily tho with the hawks and heat right under them.

2. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks have been a contender the past couple of years but this year the hawks have high hopes. Joe Johnson is trying to contend with the elite guards of the NBA and isn't doing to bad of a job. Mike Bibby is starting to slow down and retirement is not too far off. The Hawks are scrappy and tough. They will diffidently be right there once May rolls around.

3. Miami Heat

Last year the Heat had high hopes after rebounding from missing the playoffs in 08. This year will be no different. Dwayne Wade is looking for a MVP this year and the Heat are starting to look like one of the elite teams in the east. This year they will be tough but not tough enough to keep up with Dwight and The Magic or Lebron and his Cavs. But they are in talk for the 2010 free agency and look for them to make a move not only then, but this year also.

4. Washington Wizards

To me the Wizards are a very confusing team. Some years they look really tough and others, they look like bottom feeders. This year I think they will be somewhere in the middle. Agent 0 is without a doubt a very talented player and Antawon Jamison is diffidently good. Look for them to be in the playoff hunt all season and if they stay healthy I see no reason why they can't make the post-season.

5. Charlotte Bobcats

The Bobcats are diffidently in a rebuilding phase right now. This year they really need to think about getting guys that can win them some games for years to come. If they can make some trades and do something in the draft they can be a tough team in the near future.

Final Standings

1. (y) Orlando Magic-60-22

2. (x) Atlanta Hawks-44-38

3. (x) Miami Heat-43-39

4.(m) Washington Wizzards-37-45

5. (m) Charolette Bobcats-34-48

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